Icarus Feathers

NBAS Solar Heat Collector

Lexus Eco Challenge


The way that the Solar Heat Collector recycles it by using recycled pop cans and is using light from the sun to heat the air coming through the heat collector and using the sun's light to heat. While recycling used pop cans.

If you own a Microsoft Word account, by clicking the ODT icon you can download the instruction document and view it on Word. If you prefer PDF or don't have a Microsoft Word account, download the PDF through the PDG icon.

How do we make sure that you would be gaining heat and not just have it sitting in the collector? Our new fans have a single hinged lock that lets air through one direction by force and stops all other air coming in, by force, from the other side. The fan has a microchip and a very small electronic thermometer that can be set inside the heat collector to determine when the air would blow into your house.

We are one of the many New Buffalo High Schools Envirothon teams. Our team is the Icarus Feathers and we are responsible for making many Solar Heat Collectors and also helped by many students and New Buffalo Michigans High School Esports Team the Tai Kwan Dodos.



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NBAS Solar Heat Collector

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